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March 15, 2023

Somebody I don’t like suggested I become a mediator. I had just retired from 13 years of teaching English in a high-conflict continuation high school in southern California, and she just blurted it out. Even offered to pay my tuition. I took the money, took a short, terrible course, didn’t want to want to owe her anything so refunded her money, and enrolled in a better 40-hour fully online course. 40+ hours later, I graduated, got certified, and was anxious to get started.

Beginner that I was, I was hardly new to working. I had studied acting in college and at the Central School of Speech and Drama, and been a professional actor for 25 years in the UK, Europe, and the US. The teaching came after the acting.

It also came after the short stint driving 18-wheelers in New York really badly, two years as a substitute teacher, and before the 17 years as an adjunct college professor, which I still am.

So hardly a beginner, but as a mediator, I was new, raw, and ready to mediate my way to immortality. But at 70, mortality was an omnipresent reality so when those who have been there and done that said it would take time to start actually making money as a mediator, I asked myself “How much?” Time, I meant, not money. Because, at that point, I had to wonder which held more value.

In my next newsletter, which I hope you’ll join me for, I will dig deeper into how luck, as a rank beginner, officiated in this game of mediator survival.