Ron is extremely well prepared and a keen listener. He is readily able to identify party interests and brainstorm with parties in order to develop solutions that satisfy those interests. His extensive preparation allows parties to consider options that they may not have considered otherwise while his pleasant disposition provides them a safe space in which to do so.

Jason Marsili
Marsili Mediation
University of Southern California

Thank you so much. You're a great mediator. We really love having you on the team. I don't know what we would do without you.

California Lawyers of the Arts

You have all the strengths of a great mediator. Besides active listening skills which is an essential tool of a mediator, you are calm, mindful, and present for the disputants. Your openness and willingness to learn will make room for new ideas and outcomes, and help you see the situations with fresh eyes. I love the way you handle the frustration in the room and provide instruction clearly and firmly. I also love the way you provide breaks and caucus for disputants to express their emotions in a healthy way.

CAP is very honored to have you as a CAP Mediator Volunteer to provide this service to our community with such great skill, assertiveness (when needed), and compassion.

Riverside Community Action Partnership

Mr. Berglas served as a volunteer mediator in the mock mediation program we run at USC Law School. The participants thought he was a "wonderful mediator, very attentive to what each side wanted and made sure to clarify specific terms. He took care to address each side's offers with their corresponding reasonings and remained impartial throughout the whole process." "He was great and very personable!"

Lisa Klerman, USC Gould School of Law

Ron is an excellent mediator with whom I've had the pleasure of working on the day of hearing Civil Harassment Restraining Order cases and online Small Claims cases. His reliability and dependability in handling mediation cases demonstrate his professionalism and dedication to assisting parties in finding resolution and closure. This is crucial in ensuring that parties have a positive experience during the mediation process. Ron's approach of kindness, non-judgment, and humor creates a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for the parties involved. This encourages open  communication and helps in diffusing tense situations, leading to more successful and amicable resolutions. Being relatable, compassionate, and understanding are vital qualities in a mediator, and it's clear that Ron possesses all these attributes. These qualities allow him to connect with parties on a  personal level, fostering trust and rapport that are essential for productive mediation outcomes. His passion for the field of conflict resolution reflects his genuine desire to make a positive impact and assist people in finding resolutions that work for them. This dedication undoubtedly contributes to the success of his mediation practice. With Ron as your mediator, you can rest assured that you are in excellent hands. His skills, empathy, and commitment to achieving positive outcomes make him a valuable asset in the mediation process. Wishing Ron continued success on his mediation journey. I'm sure he will continue to positively impact the lives of those he helps in resolving conflicts.

The Center for Conflict Resolution of Los Angeles

Fork in the Road